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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sun Remote System Control (RSC)

The RSC is a server management tool that allows you to monitor and control your server over modem lines and over a network. RSC provides remote system administration for geographically distributed or physically inaccessible systems. The RSC software works with the System Service Processor (SSP) on the main logic board. RSC and the SSP support both serial and Ethernet connections to a remote console.

Once RSC software is installed and configured to manage your server, you can use it to run diagnostic tests, view diagnostic and error messages, reboot your server, and display environmental status information from a remote console.

The RSC firmware on the SSP runs independently, and uses standby power from the server. Therefore, SSP hardware and RSC software continue to be effective when the
server operating system goes offline, and can send notification of hardware failures or other events that may be occurring on your server.

RSC has the following features:
- Remote system monitoring and error reporting, including output from
  power-on self-test (POST) and OpenBoot Diagnostics (OBDiag)
- Remote server reboot, power-on, and power-off on demand
- Ability to monitor the CPU temperature and fan sensors without being near
  the managed server, even when the server is offline
- Ability to run diagnostic tests from a remote console
- Remote event notification of server problems
- A detailed log of RSC events
- Remote console functions on both the serial and Ethernet ports

RSC sends an alert message whenever any of the following occurs:
- The server system resets.
- Server temperature crosses the lower-fault (high-temperature warning) limit.
- Server temperature crosses the upper-fault (high-temperature shutdown)
- A server redundant power supply fails.
- A power outage occurs at the server site, if an uninterruptible power supply
  (UPS) is in use and it is configured to send an alert to RSC (see Appendix A).
- RSC receives a server-generated alert.
- The server undergoes a hardware watchdog reset.
- RSC detects five unsuccessful RSC login attempts within five minutes.

Server Status and Control Commands
bootmode [-u] [normal|forth|reset_nvram|diag|skip_diag]

RSC View Log Commands
loghistory [index [+|-]n] [pause n]
index [+|-]n
pause n
consolehistory [boot|run|oboot|orun] [index [+|-]n] [pause n]
pause n

RSC Configuration Commands
set variable value
show [variable]
date [[mmdd]HHMM|mmddHHMM[cc]yy][.SS]
useradd username
userdel username
usershow [username]
userpassword username
userperm username [c][u][a][r]

Other RSC Commands
version [-v]


  1. Here is the most common request from the vendor.

    "Could you please send me the following RSC command outputs in order to troubleshoot this issue?"

    loghistory - Displays the history of all events logged in the RSC event buffer
    consolehistory - Displays the history of all console messages logged in the buffer

    Please upload this outputs to https://supportfiles.sun.com/upload or MOS