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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ALOM Commands

Often times we need the ALOM to get into our server.

The ALOM is a system controller that enables you to remotely manage and administer your server.

The ALOM software comes pre-installed on you host server. As soon as you power on the server the ALOM works. No need for additional settings.

You can use the help command to display a list of all ALOM commands. The syntax for each is displayed as well. You do not need user permissions to use this command
To display help for all available commands, at the sc> prompt type the following command:

sc> help
Available commands
poweron [-c] {FRU}
poweroff [-y] [-f]
removefru [-y] {FRU}
reset [-y] [-x] [-c]
break [-y] [-c]
bootmode [normal|reset_nvram|diag|skip_diag|bootscript="string"]
console [-f]
consolehistory [-b lines|-e lines|-v] [-g lines] [-p|boot|run]
dumpconfig [-t] -s <IPaddr> -f <pathname>
showlogs [-b lines|-e lines] [-g lines] [-v] [-p logtype[r|p]]
setlocator [on|off]
setfru -c <Customer data>
showfru [-g lines] [-s|-d] [FRU]
showplatform [-v]
setkeyswitch [-y] [normal|stby|diag|locked]
showsc [-v] [param]
shownetwork [-v]
setsc [-r [y]] [param] [value]
ssh-keygen [-t rsa|dsa] [-r] [-l]
restartssh [-y |-n]
setdate [[mmdd] HHMM | mmddHHMM[cc]yy] [.SS]
resetsc [-y]
restoreconfig [-t] [-x] [-y] -s <IPaddr> -f <pathname>
flashupdate -s <IPaddr> -f <pathname> [-v]
setdefaults [-y] [-a]
useradd <username>
userdel [-y] <username>
usershow [username]
userpassword <username>
userperm <username> [c] [u] [a] [r]
showusers [-g lines]
help [command]

To display help for a specific command, at the sc> prompt type the following command:

sc> help bootmode
This command provides control over the managed system OBP firmware behavior during system initialization.

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