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Sunday, 5 October 2014

man powercf

User Commands                                          powercf(1)

powercf - PowerPath Configuration Utility

powercf -q|-Z

During system boot on Solaris  hosts,  the  powercf  utility configures  PowerPath  devices by scanning the HBAs for both single-ported and multiported storage  system  logical  devices.  (A multiported logical device shows up on two or more HBAs with the same storage system subsystem/device identity. The  identity  comes  from the serial number for the logical device.) For each storage system logical device found in the scan  of  the HBAs, powercf creates a corresponding emcpower device entry in the emcp.conf file, and it saves  a  primary path and an alternate primary path to that device.

After PowerPath is installed, you need to run  powercf  only when the physical configuration of the storage system or the host changes.  Configuration changes  that  require  you  to reconfigure PowerPath devices include:

     * Adding or removing HBAs
     * Adding, removing, or changing storage system logical  devices
     * Changing the cabling routes between HBAs and storage  system ports
     * Adding or removing storage system interfaces

     Refer to the PowerPath Product  Guide  for  instructions  on reconfiguring PowerPath devices on Solaris.

Executing powercf
You must have superuser privileges to use powercf.
To run powercf on a Solaris host, type the command, plus any options, at the shell prompt.

emcp.conf File
The /kernel/drv/emcp.conf file lists the primary and  alternate  path  to  each  storage  system logical device and the storage system device serial number for that logical device. The  powercf  -q command updates the existing emcp.conf file or creates a new one if one does not already exist.

powercf scans HBAs for single-ported and multiported storage system  logical  devices  and compares those logical devices with PowerPath device entries in emcp.conf.

-q      Runs powercf in quiet mode.

Updates the emcp.conf  file  by  removing  PowerPath devices  not  found  in  the HBA scan and adding new PowerPath devices that were found. Saves  a  primary and an alternate path to each PowerPath device.
powercf -q runs automatically during system boot.

-Z      Configures an SRDF-enabled  server  to  be  bootable from an R2 mirror of a Symmetrix-based emcpower boot disk by a remote host.
powercf -Z should be run manually  whenever  such  a server's  Symmetrix volume configuration changes due to the addition or deletion of volumes.