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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to collect critical troubleshooting information in the SC's log buffer

1) Log into a system which has access to the Main System Controller (SC) and open a terminal window.

2) Open a script session so the following SC command output will be captured.
$ script -a /tmp/scdatafile

3) Connect to the platform shell of the Main SC per your configuration's requirements (telnet, console, ssh, tip, etc):
$ console main-sc
$ telnet main-sc
$ ssh main-sc
$ tip main-sc
    NOTE: Do not reboot the main SC before collecting this data. Doing so may erase critical troubleshooting information in the SC's log buffer.

4) From the platform shell, execute the following commands which will be captured in the script session that you opened previously:
showsc -v
showcodlicense -v
showcodlicense -rv
showcodusage -v
showplatform -v
showplatform -vda
showplatform -vdb
showplatform -vdc
showplatform -vdd
showboards -ev
showfru -r manr
showchs -b (will fail for fw below 5.20.15)
    And for each suspect or faulty component
showchs -vc /N0/IB6 (for example)
showdate -v
showdate -v -d a
showdate -v -d b
showdate -v -d c
showdate -v -d d
showlogs -v
showlogs -vp (the -vp* commands will fail for systems with older SCs)
showlogs -vda
showlogs -vpda
showlogs -vdb
showlogs -vpdb
showlogs -vdc
showlogs -vpdc
showlogs -vdd
showlogs -vpda
showerrorbuffer -p
showenvironment -ltuv
    NOTE:  You might need to use a "Control right bracket" ("']") to disconnect, depending on how you have connected to the SC.

5) Exit the script session to save the collected data:

    * Hit <control> D and you should get the message "script /tmp/scdatafile closed", "script done" or a similar message.
    * Alternatively, you can also type "exit" at the prompt to close the script session.

6) Upload the data file (scdatafile in this example) utilizing the instructions in Document 1020199.1.

    * It is suggested that the SR Number be apended to the beginning of the file, for example "SR_Number_scdatafile".

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