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Friday, 27 January 2012

How to upload core files to supportfiles.sun.com via ftp

Unsecure File Transfer Options

Oracle recommends that all users employ HTTPS or another secure method to transport files to Oracle. Users that choose to use FTP bear any risk associated with this method of file transport.

Standard method for unsecure upload to supportfiles.sun.com
ftp supportfiles.sun.com
login: anonymous
password: user@machine [ your email address]
cd to the appropriate directory*
binary [ set transfer mode]
put 62001234.tar.Z
*Customers are instructed by the Oracle engineer to choose a destination directory in which to upload their file, based on the customer's location and type of file being uploaded. Choices are:
  • cores
  • iplanetcores
  • explorer
  • explorer-amer
  • explorer-apac
  • explorer-emea

Please Note: Plans are in place to End-Of-Life Supportfiles within the next 12 months. For Oracle Hardware product telemetry and for files greater than 2GB, we recommend Oracle Secure File Transport.

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