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Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to collect a snapshot from an M-Series machine

To collect a snapshot from a Mx000 system you will need the following information:

1.  The name (or IP) of a server on the same subnet as the XSCF
    (or service processor) where you can store the snapshot data.
2.  A user name and password for the server you will be storing the data on.
3.  The full path on the server where you want snapshot to store the data.

The syntax for running the snapshot command on the XSCF is as follows:

snapshot -LF -t username@servername:/full_path_to_data_location -k download

OR you may use the "none" option:

snapshot -LF -t username@servername:/full_path_to_data_location -k none

You will be prompted twice while snapshot is running:

1.  Accept this public key (yes/no)?  Y
2.  Enter ssh password for user '/username/' on host /servername/

*** Once you have gathered the snapshot, please rename the output file to
include your SR number, then upload this file into the /cores directory at
the http://supportuploads.sun.com site. ***

Note:  As an alternative option for collecting a snapshot, you may also direct
the output to a USB memory stick with the following command:

XSCF> snapshot -d usb0

In the event you are unable to collect a complete snapshot the output from the following four XSCF commands can be substituted:

fmdump -m
fmdump -V


  1. during my working on production environment i came accross a issue where i needed to transfer the snapshot on the local machine ( the same server we are taking snapshot ) because the usb stick was not working and ftp was not allowed due to company security policy. Do you have any solutions related to this ?

  2. @Gaurav Sorry man, I dont have the solution for that yet. But if I'm in your situation, (which by the way I think is the worst case :P) I will collect results of showstatus, showhardconf, fmdump -m, fmdump -V from the serial line. I'll try to dig in more